Prostate Cancer

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Prostate Cancer

Laurie Meehan's interviewQ:Were there any diseases that existed when you were growing up?A: "The mumps"

Prostate Cancer

Chemotherapy is a good treatment

This is what Prostate Cancer looks like

This is what Prostate cancer can do

InfoCool facts*41,000 deaths per year *common to african americans*Many undiagnosed*not many will die__________________Treatment*chemotherapy*hormone therapy*cryotherapy* bone directed treatment__________________Ways to prevent* eat a healthy diet* take medicine like 5- alpha an daily aspirin therapy__________________cause cell mutation__________________SpreadGrowing tumor__________________Symptons*not able to urinate*weak or interrupted urine flow*painful urination* blood in urine* a need to urinate frequently

Tomatoes can prevent Prostate cancer

This is the Prostate Cancer awarenessribbon

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