Prosperpine Rock Wallaby

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Prosperpine Rock Wallaby

Proserpine Rock Wallaby

The Proserpine Rock Wallaby is a endangered mammal in Queensland. It as a marsupial because it raises its young in a pouch. Its fur colours help it blend into the rainforest environment and it has black hands and feet. It has a tail that is black near the end with a white tip. It mostly eats leaves dropped from trees. It is a nocturnal animal and likes to rest in shelters during the day.

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HABITATThe Proserpine Rock Wallaby likes to live in rocky areas and cliffs because it can shelter there. It lives around the Proserpine, Airlie Beach and Whitsunday areas in the rainforest. Some can also be found living on Hayman Island.

How to help the Proserpine Rock Wallaby - click here!

What is being done to help save this animal?Protecting their habitat areas.Letting more people know about it and get help from the community.Putting up road signs to warn drivers to watch out for the wallaby. Let the captive wallabies go back to live in the wild.

THREATSThe Prosperpine Rock Wallaby's main threats are urban and tourism developments. This has caused a loss of their habitat. Some wallabies have been killed by cars and some are killed by feral dogs and dingoes. Toxic garden plants and diseases from cats are also a problem


Location of the Proserpine Rock Wallaby

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