Pros & Cons of Standardized Testing

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Pros & Cons of Standardized Testing

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PROs:*Tracks students progress*Gives teacher's guidence on what and when to teach subject materials*Highly accountable and reliable across the counties, states, and nations*Provides accurate comparison groups*Lets parents monitor child's progress

CONs:*Huge stress on students, teachers, parents, and administrators*Teachers "teach to the test", not allowing fundamentals for other enjoyable teacherings*Measures of the efficiency rather than the effectiveness*Cost of testing materials is not cost effective

The Pros and Cons of Teacher Pay-for-Performance

Pros & Cons ofStandardized Testing

"We are holding our students to a higher standard so that when they get their diploma it will mean they are truly ready for the demands of the 21st century and prepared to be productive citizens in our country." -Kathy Cox

Well over 50 colleges in the U.S. do not use SAT or ACT scores for admitting students into their schools.


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