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Let's say you are driving to a place for urgent reasons. Your car is constantly at a speed of 60 km/h. If you are asked to go to that place that is 100 km away at 1300,what is the latest you should start driving?Now we know that the speed is 60 km/h,we know the time taken, that is 100/60=1 2/3 an hour.So,in order not to be late, you need to start driving latest at 1120.Let's have another scenario, you are driving to a place that is 100 km far away. You are told to reach there before 2 hours. So, what is the slowest speed the car can be if we want to reach there on time? Well, check the speed if the car take 2 hour to reach that place, that is 100/2= 50km/h. So,the slowest speed of the car should be 50km/h if we don't want to get late.This is how important proportions is in our daily life. BOth scenarios shows us about direct and inverse proportion respectively.

Imagine you were a construction worker who needs to build objects.You need to build them in proportion,don't you? Imagine, if it is built out of proportion, the things will not work or will collapse.

Real Life Situation

Example 2

Direct and Inverse Proportion

Example 1

Everything in ur daily life looks in proportion.Imagine ,without Mathematics, the porportion would be out of proportion instead of in proportion. Think how can the proportion be used in our daily life?

Direct Proportion=c=a/b

Inverse Proportion=c=ab

c= constant,a and b= varible

Reflect Yourself!


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