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Properties Songby kelly_nelson@snowlineschools.comSung to "The Hoedown Song from Who's Line Is It Anyway? Commutative and Associative I think are really keyTo understand these properties, just stick with meCommutative I switch with you, we just trade placesAssociative I leave you for a group with some new facesThe Identity Properties, these we all should knowIdentity of Addition is when we add zeroIdentity of Multiplication is really, really funNothing happens to a number when you multiply by 1Inverse of Addition is something I will showA number plus its opposite is equal to zeroMultiplicative Inverse is nothing to shunA number times its reciprocal equals Giant One!

Associative Property


Additive Inverse

Additive Identity

Multiplicative Inverse

Multiplicative Identity

Distributive Property

Inverse of a Sum

Commutative Property


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