Properties of Water

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Properties of Water

Properties of Water!

Water's property of surface tension allows it to hold a certain weight on its surface, such as the paperclip in this picture, or certain insects.

Surface Tension

Water's adhesive property is why water sticks to other objects, like a leaf or your skin when you get wet.



Capillary Action

Universal Solvent

Surface Tension


High Heat Capacity

3 States of Matter

Neutral pH

Water's cohesive property is why water sticks to itself, which is why water droplets are round before they're affected by adhesion.

Capillary action is an action made possible by water's adhesive property and surface tension, which is why the water travels up the napkin

Water is a universal solvent, meaning that it is good at dissolving (most) substances.

The pH scale hows how acidic-basic a substance is. Pure water is neutral, or 7 pH.

Water, unlike any other matter, can exist in solid, liquid and gas forms.

Water has a high specific heat capacity, meaning that it takes quite a lot of energy to make it warmer (measured by each degree Celsius)

Water's density is slightly less than 1 g/cm3, contrary to popular belief of it being exact 1 g/cm3

Water boils at 212 Degrees Fahrenheit and freezes at 32 Degrees Fahrenheit.


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