Properties of water

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Properties of water

..of cohesion..... -Beads of water ona surface. -Literal raindrops -Water over the rim of a glass-When water molecules are sticking together

..of adhesion..... -water clinging/sticking to a surface (table,window,etc.)-some plants have adhesive droplets that tend to stick to the plant(ex.sundew)

1.Cohesion: attraction toparticles of the same substance

Adhesion: attraction between particlesof different substances



Water can exist as a:Gas: Steam (aka. water vapor)Liquid: Water Solid: Ice and snow

Property #3,4,5Water can exist in 3 states! (not sure about plasma)

Property #6: Universal Solvent:Because of waters' polarity, water can dissolve many different substances (solutes) to make solutions! (water+lemons=solution)


Properties Of Water

Water has a boiling point of 211.9°F (99.97°C) and 1gm of water needs 1 calorie of heat to raise its temperature by 1°C (33.8°F)

Property#7,8: High boiling point and specific heat capacity:

Property#10:Surface Tension:


Property#9: Capillary action: Water has the ability to flow in narrow spaces without the help of gravity. (ex. roots simply sucking up water on its own, Paint sticking to paintbrushes when dipped, incense sticks in scented oils)

By: SodanieOum

Water molecules can resist to separation(cohesion);will not spread easily. It's the ability of holding the surface molecules together (ex. a blob of water on a table instead of it freeforming and sliding off the table, it stays as a "blob", putting a small paperclip on water and the clip not sinking through the surface but staying on top due to...SURFACE TENSION!)


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