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Propaganda and the Holocaust

Propaganda The systematic manipulation of public opinion, generally by the use of symbols such as flags, speeches, and publications; such as posters. It is consciously and deliberately used to influence group attitudes. Generally, the term is restricted to the manipulation of political beliefs.

Frozen JewsAvrom SutzkeverJuly 10, 1944Have you seen, in fields of snow, frozen Jews, row on row? Blue marble forms lying, not breathing, not dying.Somewhere a flicker of a frozen soul - glint of fish in an icy swell. All brood. Speech and silence are one. Night snow encases the sun.A smile glows immobile from a rose lip's chill. Baby and mother, side by side. Odd that her nipple's dried.Fist, fixed in ice, of a naked old man: the power's undone in his hand. I've sampled death in all guises. Nothing surprises.Yet a frost in July in this heat - a crazy assault in the street. I and blue carrion, face to face. Frozen Jews in a snowy space.Marble shrouds my skin. Words ebb. Light grows thin. I'm frozen, I'm rooted in place like the naked old man enfeebled by ice.


Click here to view Aushwitz- Birkenau

The Holocaust is........because that is what I say it is!Ms. V!

This poem makes me feel really sad for the Jewish people that had to try and survive in Concentration Camps.

This is my video!


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