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World War

The following images are 'Propaganda Posters'. Propaganda is basically making someone think something. In this case, people were trying to get people to join the army. Usually they either twisted the truth or just lied completely!

This is a letter being written to someone, about being conscripted. Conscription is where you were forced to go off to war. It was a legal requirement, and if you disagreed you would be put in prison and labeled a coward. These people are now known as 'conscienceous objectors'

The government made war seem like the honourable and noble thing for a man to go into. Many men agreed or fell for this and joined the army. When the horror of war was exposed, the governm,ent needed some tactics to get people to join

Almost all government members would portray a fighting man as a strong and noble man, and those who refuse to fight as cowards, people believed this, and used to taunt and laugh at conscienscous objectors. It was not their fault though, facing sometimes certain death was obviously hard, and killing a living person must be hard too! You can see how the truth is bent! I'de like to see a snob woman go and fight :)


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