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Language Arts

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Building a mental image - A politician will present an image of what the world would be like with immigration or crime so that the voters will think of that image and believe that voting for him will reduce that threat.

Propaganda; Manipulation thriught images and words, blurs the truth.

Overstating participation - The concept of "Get on the Bandwagon" is appealing to a huge number of people by finding common threads, like religion, race, or vocation. The theme here is "everyone else is doing it, and so should you."Building false images - Presidents try to appear to be “common folks” but they really aren’t. Examples are Bill Clinton eating at McDonald’s or Ronald Reagan chopping wood.Generating fear - Fear is generated to change people’s behavior. An ad will show a bloody accident then remind people to wear their seatbelts.Promising happiness - Selling happiness is a concept used in ads, such as a well-liked actor will explain why you need to buy a product in order to solve a problem.Creating a false dilemma - An example of false dilemma is where two choices are offered as if they are the only two options. For example, a president saying in order to reduce the deficit, we have to either tax the wealthy more or ask seniors to pay more for Medicare.Using slogans - If a slogan is repeated enough times, eventually the public will come to believe it.Appealing to tradition - Good feelings are generated by the thoughts of certain goods and actions, and are frequently included in advertisements such as: "Baseball, apple pie, and Chevrolet."


Overstating Participation≥≤Buliding False Images


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