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Social Studies
World War II

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This poster is targeting the people of Britain and making them feel guilty for just watching their soldiers suffer and sacrifice for their country and putting it off that their country is in need of men for their armed forces. They are also making the people feel needed by saying they are wanted at the front and that they are not only wanted to fight for the country but are wanted by the king which makes them feel like they are truly wanted for something other than war.

This poster is straight forward much like the well-known Uncle Sam poster saying “we want you”. They are asking Italians to join the Italian legion, which is a volunteer expatriate military unit, which means it was a military unit for those who did not live in their native country. This poster is trying to get those who want to help support and fight for their country and is directed to those individuals who are fairly patriotic.

This poster is trying to make the audience feel like they are all a cohesive group. The poster makes them feel they have an obligation to their country to fight for the Nazi army and that if they have heart they will take part in the Nazis plans to move forward and be willing to sacrifice themselves for the Nazi army. Normal citizens are being handed weapons and tools showing they will work or fight for the Nazis and are reaching up to those higher up then they are showing their support. The wording in the poster means “hard times hard obligations hard hear

This poster is making the American audience feel guilty as many posters did during the world wars, for not fighting for their country, like the male in the poster. Concern that after the initial shock of Pearl Harbor began to wear off, Americans would become complacent about their responsibility to the war effort and feel like the job is done. The government then made this poster because they wanted Americans to see the suffering and sacrifice that was being made for their country by armed forces overseas.

In this American propaganda poster , Uncle Sam is not "asking" you to join his army, he's "telling" you too. This is him demanding that you do something for your country and there for persuades you to go enlist. Uncle Sam (America) is "expecting" you to go and fight for them. So instead of the soliders thinking about it and making their own choices , America is telling them to go do something.

In this poster the author is using the illusion that this "job" will be easy. Just stop the Japanese , and everything will be done. This would have impacted the audience because they are not only seeing the enemy , but also believeing that joining the war will be easy work. This poster is also conveying the message America is superior towards JApan by using the word "him" or "them" instead of "the JApanese".

In this poster it shows a young man , who looks quite eager to leave and go off to the war. The author uses words such as wonderful and oppurtunity , as well as a smiling young man to persuade the reader. They wanted the audience to believe that going off to the navy wasn't a bad thing and that they should be like the young man : Packing up his suit cases and going abroad while smiling.

The poster is trying to use guilt as a persuassive technique. it is also using the readers procrastination to join the army , as a way to impact them. This British poster is trying to encourage more soilders to join the war and fight for Britian. The British flag on the poster symbolizes the countries independance.


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