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The Loved LostThe Night of the Boston Masacre 5 people were shot and killed and a few were injured. This night represents the tention that Boston now holds with Britain. We have refused to pay our taxes. These acts were put in place out of our will. We had no say. Britain still continues to force apon us taxes that are hurting our families. Sooner or later we may not have enough to feed our families and tend to our living needs. These taxes have not only sparked fights and anger, but are hurting our economy.

The Boston Massacre It was night In Boston and out of no where the bell that announces “fire” started to go off. All men from every direction ran out of their houses to help. It turned out that someone rang the bell to get everyones attention. Soon enough on King Street people were crowding up and beginning to get angry. A line of soldiers stood in front of the group of patriots. Their commander stood behind them, demanding them to fire and they did so.

Responce to the Boston Tea Party Intolerable Act and Tea ActAfter the Boston Tea Party passed, Boston started a boycott so that Britain would continue to lose money. When Britain understood what was going on, they decided to repeal all townshed acts except for the tax on tea. Because the tax on tea remained, this tax became the Tea Act. This then eventually lead to the Intolerable Act. This act closed down the Boston harbor and prevented any ships with goods or products to enter Boston. Their plan was to make the colonists have no other choice but to pay the tax for tea so the harbor could be reopened. The Tea Act and the Intolerable Act had the committees of correspondence banned.

JOIN THE PATRIOTSTo fight for a say

Townshed Acts These acts were passed by parliament that suspended New York's assembly and established taxes on goods (tea, glass, paper, pant, and lead) brought into the British colonies. To make sure that the colonists followed this act, Britain made the The Writs of Assistance. The Writs of Assistance were search warrants that allowed British soldiers to enter home and look for smuggled goods. The patriots (colonists) did not like this. Parliament thought that the people would enjoy this because they had the protection of a soldier in their home. But do we like this? No! Instead, patriots thought that their privacy of their home was being invaded.

Boston Tea PartyI think we have had enough! Britain has passed yet another tax! This time on tea. Finally, the colonists decided to make a big point. So one night a group of men dressed up as Indians climbed aboard. This ship had been sent over by Britian and contained $1,000,000 worth of tea. Since no one wanted to pay the tax, the tea was thrown over board. They thought that this would make a point quite clear...



The "Bloody Massacre"


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