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propaganda poster blog

This Propaganda poster on the left shows a Man with his 2 children next to him asking him what he did in the war. This makes people think what am i going to tell my children that i was a coward or a brave warrior and fighted for my country.

The picture above shows the home front during the world war. They are making shells for the men fighting.

The propaganda poster on the right is persuading men to join the army by saying it is better to go out and get killed by a bullet then sitting at home waiting to have a drop on you.

The poster above also says GOD SAVE THE KING which is because George V was king During the world war 1.

The propaganda poster on the right is saying that the women want you to go to war and if you dont go you wont get a women. They say GO! which is saying they want them to go now when they are most needed


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