Propadanda WW I

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Social Studies
World War I

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Propadanda WW I

Meine Segenswunsche Begleiten Dich, literally translates to, "My blessings go with you". This propaganda poster was most likely to ease the mind of German men who were fearful to leave their families and wives for the war. The German military was trying to get more men to enlist, however, they needed to first prove to the men their wives and family would be alright without them at home.

Propaganda-information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, nation, etc.

In this particular propaganda poster made by Germany during WWI, the Germans portray Britain as a giant spider, whose legs and web reach across Europe. This poster was created after the Entente between Britain and Germany's main enemies, France and Russia. The Germans chose a spider to frighten their own nation and to persuade them they must take action to stop Britain's growing web of influence over the continent.

Propaganda During WWI

One of the most popular forms of propaganda during WWI was posters.

German Propaganda

The Germans used propaganda during WWI in many different ways. They used it to call their men to arms and to enlist. As well as, raise militarianism and nationalism in Germany, strike fear in Germans of advancing enemies, convincing people to join the war effort. And finally, to spread hatred for Germany's enemies.

Deutsche Propaganda WWI


What Is Propaganda?

In the above propaganda poster, the Germans show the world that they are more superior than their enemies. The Germans are men, while their enemies are merely children. Germany is trying to get their point across to the world that no one will get in their way, and they will take no prisoners. This form of propaganda was used to frighten their enemies.

German propaganda poster warning Germans of England and what they will do to their cities if they do not take action; This poster was also meant to spread German hatred for England.

This German made propaganda poster is spreading hatred of Russians, or Bolsheviks, to the German people; It is also warning them that the Russians have already burnt down Berlin and will soon come for the heart of Germany, Munich, if they do not rise up and stop their advance.


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