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Prompting can be used to teach a variety of skills, including seeking information, pointing to objects, identifying numbers/objects, and remaining "on task."


How to avoid prompt dependency ?? * Must provide the least restrictive prompt needed.* Must fade the use of prompts as quickly as possible, to help the learner use the target skill only when natural cue is present; decreasing dependency and increasing generallization.

Prompting ProceduresLeast to most prompting -used for discrete & chained skillsSimultaneous prompting -used only for chained skills Graduated guidance - used for discrete & chained skills

ReinforcersThink about what is motivating for the learner. These must be identified & used following the use of target skills to increase success rate.Ex: stickers

Prompt Types* Natural Cue* Verbal * Visual* Gestural* Model* Physical* Order in which prompts are provided depends on the learner &/or goal

Controlling prompt:Any 1 used to ensure that the learner responds correctly.

Ex: Washing hands, making a sandwich

Ex: naming pictures, reading words

Each prompting procedure contains:1. Antecedent - target stimulus & cue/ task direction2. Target skill - learner repsonse3. Consequence - feedback/reinforcement provided

Target Stimulus "Thing" or "situation" to which we want the learner to respond to by performing the target skill. i.e. dirty hands, picture.

Cue/Task DirectionUse at each step of prompt hieararchy.Most appropriate when learner is first being taught how to use target skill.

When choosing prompts consider:Learner CharacteristicsSkill Characteristic

The prompt hierarchy must ALWAYS start with independent and end with controlling prompt.

Cool Video on Prompt Fading

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