Promoting And Gender Equality

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Promoting And Gender Equality

Promoting and Gender Equality




Scary Facts


What Can You Do?

Read this information booklet from the Inter-Agency Network for Education inEmergencies (INEE)Speak for gender equality and vote for political leaders who have these issues on their agendaSupport the United Nations Global Education First Initiative and the UN Girls' Education Initiative

Gender equality is a human right. But despite solid evidence demonstrating the centrality of women’s empowerment to reducing poverty, promoting development and addressing the world’s most urgent challenges, gender equality remains an unnoticed issue.Education plays a pivotal role in redefining gender norms in the world. Around the world, there have been numerous examples of education changing people’s way of viewing the world and leading to new forms of behavior, ways of relating with others and ultimately social norms.

Abolish School Fees

Hire More Female Teachers

Change the Curriculum

Get rid of or lower fees in regions where money is an issue for children to attend educational institutions.

Female teachers are easier for girls to connect with, and therefore encourage and promote gender equality within schools

Integrate the core curriculums to promote gender equality ideas, and provide opportunities for both sexes

Even in developed countries,a difference can be seen betweenthe education of males and females

-In Liberia, 41.7 percent of women have received no formal education-Data show that in some cases, 80 to 90 percent of youth program participants are boys.-Pakistan's overall literacy rate for girls is 26 per cent and the rate for women is12 per cent-Only 3.7% of India's GDP is spent on education

Girls’ education is essential to the achievement of quality learning relevant to the 21st century, including girls’ transition to and performance in secondary school and beyond. Adolescent girls that attend school delay marriage and childbearing, are less vulnerable to disease including HIV and AIDS, and acquire information and skills that lead to increased earning power. Evidence shows that the return to a year of secondary education for girls correlates to a 25 per cent increase in wages later in life.



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