Promoting Literacy in the Classrorom

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Promoting Literacy in the Classrorom

1. build a trusting relationship/ create a safe classroom enviornment2. find out the students interests3. choose a book that is on their level4. get to know your students backgrounds so you can relate literacy to their lives5. teach reading strategies

1. sketch and write2. quick writes3. focus connection areas4.experience all types of writing (narrative, expository, persuasive, letter writing etc..)5. Reading response journals

Promoting Literacy in the Clasroom

Motivating students to write

Motivating students to read

Reading Activities

1. read alouds 2. shared reading3. partner reading 4. books on tape5. literature circles 6. close reading ( annotating the text

Before, During, and After strategy

Website for reading strategies:Into the Book


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