Promising Practices

by MariaWrites
Last updated 9 years ago


  • rblate 9 years ago

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    Maria I really like all your ideas! I agree with yoiu about having TOO many voikis and videos etc can be overwhelming for the kids to keep up with all the announcements! I really like your idea of "plancasting" and actually reading the weekly plans outloud for the students, that would really be good esp for the special ed students! I might have to steal that idea!

  • kmaddix 9 years ago

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    I also loved your idea of plancasting this year. It's something I would like to incorporate in my RTII time management classes. I also loved your idea of using the glog within the HR organization (an idea that I stole from you - thank you!!). I would like to play a little this summer with the Prezi site that you shared with us earlier in the year.

  • KayHollenbach 9 years ago

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    I like the reflections, what worked at didn't work. Like you mention with the vokis, too much of anything gets overwhelming, and sometimes you just need a simple checklist of facts to get something done.

  • remrickpavcs 9 years ago

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    Nice Glog, summarizes a lot of stuff in small area. I never heard of some of this stuff. Seems like you have mastered a lot of useful technology.

  • sdelling 9 years ago

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    You implemented many tools and had a variety of student reactions. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the best and the most effective.