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World History

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Project World History

Project World History.

Regina Flores L.

Toltec: 900 AD. they located in tula, raligion politheistic, they built pyramids and palaces, the importan cities have, guatemala and yucatan.

Aztec: AD1500. they located in valley of mexico,religion god, they built tones, pyramidsand temples, the importan citie, tenochitlan,

Theotihuacán:located in the vallry of mexico, whit a population estimated al 125,000 centens, they builttemples, palaces, such as the pyramid of the sun, pyramid of the moo and pyramid of the peathere serpent, practiced human and animal sacrifices

OLMEC:1200 BC to around 400 BC. they lived in the tropical lowlandas of south_ central mexico. now estatesbof veracruz and tbasco, they religion is of gods, the importan cities was san lorenzo, tenochitlan and laguna de los cerros.

Mayan: AD 300 to 900. mexican estates of chiapas, tabasco and yucatan. peninsula: Quintana roo,campeche.they built spelend temples and pyramids and developed a complicated calendar.they religion is polytheistic.


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