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Project Ideas - Forum Summary

English-speaking countries poster (Elisabete M)

Teaching English to young learners through project work is the key to make the language learning environment more natural and to promote the learners’ interest, motivation, autonomy and independence. (Cristina V)I think it is very important to understand the feedback from the students and develop new ideas/ projects in order to keep them motivated to learn the language. (Cristina Paixao)

Models- build a house with shoe boxes and label the different rooms and furnitiure (Dora M and Cristina Pires)Make a town using (Elisabete G)

Monster making- Word and Paint (Diogo)- body parts and description

Projects ideas-forum summary

Why ?

Fashion shows (for clothes) (Maria P)Healthy vs unhealthy food posters (Diana P)Murals for brainstorming and revision for speaking practice (Eliana)

How about..?

Write to pen-pals (Mafalda and Dora A) Make a cross-curricular video using 'Animoto' (Elsa)Boardgames to revise language (Eduarda)

Creating a class blog and podcastse.g. 'vocaroo'(Cristina C)Wall picture dictionary (Cristina M)Research-based projects e.g. about London (Diana C)A class poetry book (Emilia)

Have you tried...?

Class videos- interviews, ads, etc (Edite)Christmas traditions around the world (Claudia)



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