Project Based Learning

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Project Based Learning

Who Benefits?“CTL’s Project Based Learning program helps elementary, middle, high school and postsecondary teachers and administrators develop engaging, authentic, standards-based projects that facilitate deep learning across subject areas, and help students develop 21st Century Skills like critical thinking, creative problem solving and collaboration. CTL’s unique approach to PBL also helps teachers incorporate Artful Thinking, Digital Thinking and Academic Literacy to support learning across disciplines.”-CTL Online

Projects vs. PBL

Project Based Learning& Artful Thinking

What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?

Artful ThinkingIn Action(Video)

Artful Thinking(Classroom Resources)


Tech Correlation

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Harvard's Project Zero: Art Propel

Geometric Sculptures(Cross-Curricular PBL)

Artful Thinking is beneficial to the visual arts as it provides students increased opportunities to relate the arts to other subject areas, and vice versa. Providing cross-curricular connections throughout the curriculum increases the students' exposure to the Arts; thereby, increasing their understanding through meaningful inquiry and discovery. Interdisciplinary Connections

Artful Science Lesson


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