Project - based learning with Glogster Edu Premium on TeachMeet Int'l3

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Project - based learning with Glogster Edu Premium on TeachMeet Int'l3


This report explores some possibilities of the project-based learning to activate the learning process of ESL on primary level of education,working in a virtual electronic environment provided by the site Glogster Edu. Activities are implemented through development of pupils glogs (online posters) on a particular topic set by the teacher with educational purposes and tasks. The aim is not only to achieve a basic literacy and foreign language skills but also to develop students’ basic key skills much-needed for twenty-first century, namely: critical thinking, ability to find, analyze, and appropriate application of information with great flexibility, teamwork and sharing of ideas through new technologies

Project - Based Learning




1. The teacher makes a template glog with educational tasks in her / his teacher's account and shares the glog with all students in the virtual clasroom.2.Students can access the glog and transform it by different manipulations, solving the problems that teacher gave.3. Teacher can check, rate, comment and evaluate each student's glog and put it into student's e-portfolio4. Students can present their work and spread the world!

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    Fantastic Project! Pround of you, my dear Rose :)