Project Around the World

by BiljaPo
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Social Studies
World Culture

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Project Around the World

How does a group of ten 4th graders get to travel around the world without leaving their classroom in Serbia? With the help of their brilliant teacher Biljana Popovic, who wanted to encourage student's curiosity and their sense of adventure. For their project in Dreamdo Schools program, the class decided to virtually travel to a new country every month.

First, of course, Biljana gathered some materials to help students explore Egyptian history, culture and nature. She used online resources like the British Museum, Egypt's official tourism portal as well as teaching materials themed around ancient Egypt. She also gathered books and put together a few slides summarizing some of the main findings. Once the preliminary fact-gathering was over, the students got to brainstorm - what things would they like to do on their virtual tour of Egypt? Their itinerary included visiting the tomb of Osiris, climbining the plateau of Giza, learning to read hieroglyphs and more. They even picked a mascot for their trip - a cuddly teddy bear!In the end, students got to dress up as pharaohs, design and hand-paint pyramids, draw pictures of ancient Egyptian symbols and recreate sarkophagos with paper and crayons.The adventure has only begun for this ingenious bunch...

ProjectAround the world

Meet Biljana and her students on Dreamdo Schools.


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