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Project Approach

What is the Project Approach, Why do we use it, and How can I help? A parent/teacher guide

ProjectApproachBy: Farrah Waldren

Teacher Corner!

Tips for extedning knowledge, planning projects, and more!


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Children are naturally curious. *If you notice that your child is asking about a particular subject repeatedly, offer books, activities, and outings to feed curiousity. *Let children ask questions. Better yet, engage their minds by asking why your child thinks that way.*Have children help with your everyday activites. Children want to do what adults do. Ex: gardening, cooking, dishes *Have an open mind and let your child explore the enviornment. Be a guide to this new world that they are experiencing.

Work together,

Project learning builds on individual needs due to the flexible, informal learning environment. English Language Learners benefit because they are working together with other children creating in-depth projects that call on all the senses, therefore offering a deeper understanding for those learning Enlgish.

at home!

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