Project Approach

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Project Approach

Memo:Read Chapter 13Read Info on Assignments TabRead RubricUse Rubric as a writing guide

Project Approach Assignment

Check out these websites for more informtion:

Overview: Effects of Project Work in a First-Grade Classroom: A Little Goes a Long Way & Egg Project Project Approach in Part Time ECH Programs Construction Project Apple Project Study of Water Hairy Head Project Llama Project

Units versus Project Approach:

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Shorter length of learning time predetermined vs.Length of learning determined by project progression (avg. 6-8 wks)* * *Topic determined by teacher(may or may not interest children)vs.Children's interest a major criterion for topic selection with intergrated curriculum goals* * *Teacher plans, designs, & prepares learning experience in advancevs.Teacher uses student interest to determine the next step of the project* * *A field trip may or may not be included. If included, usually near the end as a culminating eventvs.Field-site visits are important to the project process - may include several visits. Usually occur early in project* * *Activities (crafts, science activity, etc.) planned by the teacher to learn a specific conceptvs.Activities focus on investigation, finding answers to questions, using resources * * *Representation relates to specfic activities, not usually repeatedvs.Representation (drawing, writing, building, constructing) challenges children to integrate concepts. Representation documents what children are learning. Activities are repeated to show growth in knowledge and skills as project progresses

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