Project 8 Reflection (Technology)

by missdena
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Project 8 Reflection (Technology)

How did this course meet your expectations? Include specifics about what you learned from the course and any suggestions for improvement of the course.

What are the implications of using technology in the classroom?

Reflect on your expectations of yourself and tell how you met your expectations and/or how you could improve yourself.

My expectations for myself....well I said I would give this class my all, and I feel that I have given it the best shot I could have. I could be more open to accepting new technology tools instead of blowing the dust off ol' prezi everytime. ;)

I feel like this course does not need improvement within the course itself, but the whole linkage thing on the syllabus seriously need fixed (haha...get it?) I feel like this course is still what is says, but also more. I did not expect to get the kind of teaching under my belt that I did and I am thankful that I got to have those experiences!

Technology changes DAILY. It's especially important to educate our kids on what there is out there because no one else is going to give them to the tools like we can. We, as teachers, are supposed to be preparing our kids for everything the world has to offer...not just how to do math and write papers. Technology is a big part of our growing society, whether we like it and are prepared for it or not.

Project 8 - Final Course ReflectionDena Robertson

I say this after every class I have with you, THANK YOU for being such a positive role model. You make coming to class easy Shellie, even if you're having a bad day...we can't tell. Thank you for always being so encouraging and positive and thank you for just being yourself. The world could use more people like you. :)



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