Project 7

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Project 7

Business Essentials

Overall, this experience was great. It gave me a taste of what it would be like to have my own class. Something that I would personally like to do in my classroom is not taking the easy way out. It's easy to find a worksheet online and say here you go. I want my classroom (if I choose to go into teaching later on) to be fun and fresh. I want my students to go on later saying that they truly enjoyed my classes.

Project 7 Lessson Facilitation

Click on the teacher below will take you to my lesson plan

Worksheets used in class

Signed Butler letter & Teacher Rubric

Technology was a little frustrating in my course because I couldn't figure out how to get all the links to work for me before class. I went in a week before to finalize with Sidney what I was teaching her class. We put together a lesson plan and got the worksheets and sent me on my way. The Sunday before my lesson I completed the worksheets for myself to make sure that I could do the lesson itself and then once I got to the last part I couldn't find the right calculator that she wanted me to use. So I went early to talk to her Monday morning and she said "we'll figure it out together in class".

Third and fourth hour are both Business Essentials, so I sat in the back of the class during third hour and watched her teach the lesson and then went in to fourth hour and slightly changed my approach. I was just going to stay at the front and use the computer while I spoke, but we put the special needs kid to work with me on my computer and I walked around the room while teaching the lesson to make sure the students were on task with their assignment we were working on. I was super nervous the whole time, but I think that will change as I get more comfortable in teaching the class.



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