Project 4: Theories and Strategies

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Social Studies

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Project 4: Theories and Strategies


BehavioralTheoryB.F. Skinner

NeedsTheoryAbraham Maslow

Cognitive TheoryBernard Weiner

Social CognitiveTheoryAlfred Bandura

Needs TheoryPersonal and intrinsic value is the main point of this theory. People have to accomplish the hierarchy of needs which includes safetly and self-esteem. Children need to accomplish lower level needs to move up the pyramid.

Behavioral TheoryMotivation is a direct cause of behaviors and learning. Teachers can use reinforcers, positive or negative, to form a specific behavior.

Sociocultural TheoryMotivation not only comes from an indiviidual but from the family and their expectations.

Social CognitiveTheoryMotivation is the product of an individuals expectations and the degree of value or satisfaction. Teachers need to provide learnign tasks that students can successfully complete.

SocioculturalTheoryLev Vygotsky

Cognitive TheoryIndividuals are aroused to action by their thinking. Fixed earlier experiences determines how people percieve certain things. Success and failure should be attributed to internal causes, NOT external causes. Students and teachers should set performance standards.


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