Project 3 Thematic Unit

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Project 3 Thematic Unit

What is Project 3?Project 3 is an individual project designed to give you the opportunity to represent your group's thematic unit in the manner that best reflects your personality! You will use the same theme, concepts, objectives, art and game activities, literacy and math small group activities and snacks as your group used in the thematic unit.How is Project 3 different from what we have already done as a group?Project 3 is your chance to display your thematic unit how you want too!! You select the fonts, colors, format, images etc!Can I add others items to my glog?Yes, after you have included all required items, you may add additional items. See Pic Collage for ideas!

1) Once you and your partner have planned your unit, you will be ready to complete this project since much of what you will include has already been selected. 2) Design a glog representing your thematic unit. Be sure to include all parts identified in these instructions.3) While the information you and your partner include will be the same, your glogs will not be the same! Use your creativity to design your glog how you want it!4.) When your glog is completed, link it to your website!

Optional Items

Your Glog must include the following items. . .


Project 3

Thematic Unit

Get Inspired

Sample PIC Collage

This is one way to dispaly some of the required elements!

Colors, fonts and images help to personalize your glog!

Project 3 DUE September 21



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