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Social Studies
American History

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*Love-life: Fitzgerald tried to get the attention of Zelda. = Similarity with Gatsby*Scott Fitzgerald popular with writings; consequence is a wild, reckless life-style:1. Attended at parties every week 2. Addicted to alcohol= essay in 1936, named the Crack-up. 3. Zelda gave birth to their daughter, while Fitzgerald was busy being drunk. *After Roaring Twenties appeared Great depression. Consequences:1. Zelda suffered from nervous breakdown 2. Fitzgerald battled with alcoholism*Death:heart attack on December 21st in 1940.

During Prohibition

January 16th 1920Reasons:1. Social2. Economical3. Political

* The increase of crime rating* High alcohol price* Result: 1. richness and power2. Weak police

End Prohibition

*United States was a real *President Roosevelt *Booming of crime rates(gangsters)*America peaceful without prohibition?


S. Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby

Prohibition in book

Beginning prohibition:*Wolfshiem creates new gang*They sell outlawed alcohol*J. Gatsby joined him*Alcohol as prescription *Result: numerous drug stores*Inhumane amount of profit *This is obviously where Gatsby’s wealth comes from*Even Tom got suspected him running this illegal business.


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