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What effects did the 18th amendment have on the U.S.?

A criminal organization sought to provide the public with uniterrupted supply of alcohol. Speakeasies was considered one of the first nightclubs that got liquor from criminal organization. Speakeasies means to speak easy so the cops dont detect you. Atleast five thousand speakeasies were built by 1922. speakeasies were main sources of power and influence of such legendary mob bosses

Why did people decided to make liquor illegal?

The 18th Amendment made is so that alcohol could not be manufactured, sold, transported, imported or exported and people could not drink it. Organizations were formed that were for and against the 18th Amendment. Due to the 18th Amendment gangs started to make illegal booze. Gangs would also fight over territories because of liquor.

Prohibition by Anthony Miranda

How did people get around the 18th amendment?

Speakeasies was created because of the 18th amendment and it was pretty much a secret bar that was hidden. Many people were arrested and drunk in public and the point of the 18th amendment was to privent things like that. People would transport liquor threw boots and car engines.

In the 1920s bootlegging was a popular occuernce. It was very significant to the 20s because after liquor was made illegal made people broke the law and have secret organized. Crime inreased due to the underground liquor trade. The first significance is because bootlegging cuased secret orginizations such as gangs to come to power.

PBS on Prohibition


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