[2015] Spencer Lacasse: Prohibition

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[2015] Spencer Lacasse: Prohibition


.Al Capone was born in 1899 into an Italian immigrant family in Brooklyn, New York. Al lived a normal life with his eight brothers and parents, nothing could have foreseen him rising to be one of America's most infamous gangsters. Al was a good student in elementary school, but began to fall behind in sixth grade. He started skipping school and hanging out by the Brooklyn docks. That same year, he got beat by his principal and never came back to school. Al soon then met his mob mentor, Johnny Torrio. Capone moved to Chicago in 1909, but stayed close with Johnny. Capone then moved to Baltiore to work an honest job as a bookkeeper, but when his father died, Johny invited him back to Chicago where he was running a gambling, prostitition, and bootlegging.

How did Alphonse Gabriel (Al Capone) Affect Prohibition

Background On Capone

What Capone did to affect prohibition

¨Al Capone is America's best known gangster and the single greatest symbol of the collapse of law and order in the United States during the 1920s Prohibition era.¨ - Chicago Historical Society. Prohibition lasted from 1919-1930. Capone had probably the biggest business in prostitution, gambling, but most of all; bootlegging. Bootlegging was the transportation or smuggling of illegal alcohol. Prohibition was the ban of the sale, transportation, and production of alcohol. Capone's business was so alrge and successful, he made over 100 million dollars anually. Imagine how much money that would be today. While Capone did not lay down the roots of the dangerous business (his mentors did), he was able to use his background knowledge of numbers fom his other jobs and put it together to help in his new "job". Capone however didn't do everything himself, he hired other people to help him, and occasionally even take the blame.

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St. Valentine's Day Massacre: February 14, 1929.

On this memorable day, Capone and his men dressed as policemen and went to a rival gang's brewery. When Capone and his men arrived, the other gang peacfully dropped their weapons with no sign of retalliation, and put their hands on the wall. With shotguns and machineguns, Capone and his men riddled them with over 150 bullets. Moran (most likely their main target as he was the leader) was across the street. They killed 6 of the seven men they wanted to.


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