Program Evaluation

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Program Evaluation

The 5th GradeCo-Teaching ProgramEvaluation Plan

•Co-Teaching Team: Regular Education Teacher & Special Education Teacher•Students•Parent• Building Administrator

Practice of inclusion *Looked for ways to better support students within the classroom *Special education teachers began teaching in the classroom with the regular education teachers whose classes had the highest needs. Roosevelt Fifth Grade Co-Teaching Program *An instructional delivery model *Combined expertise *Shared responsibility in planning, delivering, and evaluating of instruction f The goals and objectives for the Fifth Grade Co-Teaching Program are to: 1. Reduce or eliminate time students are pulled from the classroom 2. Engage all learners in successful experiences invovling working cooperatively, learning content, and understanding/developing the strengths of all students. This is done through: a. Teaming: b. Station Teaching c. Differentiation 3. Structure collaborative planning time to design detailed differentiated lessons that utilizes each teacher’s expertise.

>To determine if IEP goals of students usually pulled from the classroom are beingaddressed in the co-teaching environment.>To determine the level of student engagement during the lesson(s).>To identify the strengths and derailers of the strategies being implemented. >To determine the extent to which both adults believe their time, knowledge, roles areutilized within the classroom.>To determine if planning time is structured to support the learning goals established by the teachers.

1. Is the Program addressing the IEP goals?2. What is the level of student engagement during co-teaching lessons?3. What are the strategies being implemented in the Program?4. Is the Program design adequately providing credibility to both adults?5. What practices and resources are in place to ensure structured planning time is effectively used to support the learning goals?

Program Description

Purpose or Need for Evaluation


1. Surveys of teachers, students, and parents2. Observations conducted by building administrator3. Data Collection

Information CollectionMethods

August (1st Week of School): Student, Teacher, and Parent SurveySeptember: Record Analysis September-December: A Series of Observations December (beginning of month): Student and Parent SurveyDecember (end of month): Record AnalysisJanuary: Final Report AbstractFebruary: Final Report

Data Collecting andReporting Plan


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