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What is Progeria?




People affected with Progeria


-Currently there is no cure, however there are some treatmeants such as low doses of aspirin which helps decrease the chance of a heart attack.-The Progeria Research Foundation raises money to help find the cause and cure for Progeria Syndrome

Introduction to Progeria


This video was made by a college biology class and describes what progeria is, what causes it, and what treatments are availible.

-Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome is an extremely rare genetic disease that causes excelerated aging in children.Progeria is not passed down from parents, but rather from a mistake in the spliting of the cells.This form of Progeria is caused by a mutation in the gene called LMNA. The LMNA gene produces the Lamin A protein, which is the structural protein that holds the nucleus of a cell together.This defective protein makes the nucleus unstable, causing cellular instability which appears to lead to the process of premature aging in Progeria.-Life expectancy is 13, with the affected dying of atherosclerosis.-Approximentally 1 out of 4-8 million children are effected with Progeria. There has been about 150 children since 1886, when it was discovered by Jonathan Hutchinson. It was later re-introduced by Dr. Hastings Gilford in 1897.

Signs of Progeria start at 18-24 months old:-Growth Failure-Loss of Body Fat and Hair-Aged-looking Skin-Stiffness of Joints-Hip Dislocation-Generalized Atherosclerosis-Heart Disease-Stroke

Hayley is still alive and is currently 16, or 121, years old.

The oldest someone has lived with Progeria is 26.



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