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Progeria is an extremely rare genetic disease that effects the growing rate of a child. At birth the child appears normal, but within a year their growth rate slows and they appear to be shorter and weight much less than other childeren. They also lose their hair. Basically its like they're old and going through the same symptons older people face. However there is no cure or treatment for this condition. Sadly the average child with progeria dies at age 13.


By Jordan Tinsley

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Scientific Facts about Progeria

1) There Is a test to check to see if your child has Progeria called the HGPS. 2)The LMNA gene codes for two proteins, lamin A and lamin C, that are known to play a key role in stabilizing the inner membrane of the cell's nucleus. Researchers have found out that the mutation thats repsonsible for progeria causes the LMNA gene to produce an abnormal form of the Lamin A protein. 3)Scientist are currently working on a cure to prevent the progeria cells from mutation.


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