Professionalism & Teamwork in Dental office

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Professionalism & Teamwork in Dental office

Professionalism & Teamwork in the Dental office

A little bit of encouragement goes a long way with a team. The team members need to be encouraging with a new team member to help build confidence with their work and with procedures.

Offering help to co-workers can make the office more efficient and build a network of trust as well as reduce stress.

Recognizing and solving problems, as well as defining problems can help with the efficiency of the office and cleanliness of the office and materials as well.

Listening to your co-workers can help solve problems and can lead to new ideas as to how the office should be run to help with efficiency.

Being on time is very important in the workplace. Dental assistants need to show up early in order to get the rooms ready for patients. If the dental assistant doesn't show up until later, setting up won't be completed and the office will be running slow throughout the day.

Attitude is very important in the office. Having a negative attitude can make it difficult for patients to feel comfortable and will make it difficult for any co-workers to want to work with.

Having respect for each other and their contributions is especially critical in teamwork and professionalism. Respect for co-workers definitely shows with the outcome of the team.

Don't gossip about co-workers. It breaks trust and brings judgement, which can impair how others work together and effect the efficiency of the office.

Don't hide from your mistakes. It's best to own up to them and learn from them rather than blame someone else or keep making it. Ask questions if you are unsure about anything. It's better to do it correctly than mess up and need to start all over.

Having clear communication between team members can help both the dentist and the dental assistant. Dental assistants should also have good communication to help each other out when they need it.


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