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Professional soccer player

Professional Soccer Player By: Skylar Nelsen, G15

What is a Soccer Palyer?====================================A Professional Soccer Player is someone who travels often, is always on a healthy diet, and gets payed based on how they play (so play well!!). They train 5 days a week and play matches on the weekends. That's basically a Professional soccer player.

What's my Daily Routine?======================================== As a Professinaol Soccer Player, your daily life changes betweeen on and off seasons, however, you are always on a healthy diet. On the off-season, you train 5 days a week (taking the weekends off) for a few hours working on running, weight training, and footwork. Somtimes, you'll do skill drills, mock matches, and dicusse new strategys plus formations. On the on-season, as you travel to play games, you are away from your family (most of the time).

What do I need to Learn?===================To be a Professional Soccer Player, you don't need much education. All you need is a high school dimloma. However, it's a good chocie to do soccer in collage because coaches from MLS (Major League Soccer) might come to watch and recruite new players. It's also good to take biology and health science in high school to know about your body and how it works. One very good thing to do is to go to trinaing camps like ODP (Oyimpic Development Program) and the U.S. Soccer Training Center Program.


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