Professional Development

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Professional Development

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Celebrate What's Right With The World

Common Core

2013/14 FocusLanguage ArtsMathmaticsScienceSocial Studies

Sandy Ridge

Evaluationtest scoresparent feedback acceptance

Goalsensure high standardsvalidate financial viabilitybuild enrollment planrenew community

ScheduleDay 1Sandy Ridge Reservation Morning: What’s Right With The World, ReflectAfternoon: Present Common Core, find similarities between current classrooms and standardsDay 2SchoolMorning:Mass, Introduce and assign Blue Ribbon sectionsAfternoon: Research ways to integrate Common Core Day 3Sandy Ridge ReservationMorning: Share retreat stories, Blue Ribbon update, write course descriptions as defined by new standards Food: The school will ask local businesses to donate lunch for each professional development day.

recognizes schoools where students perform at high levels or where significant improvements are being made in student's academic achievement

Professional Development

"I realized that if I was going to take it higher in my own life, I had to spend time not just with what I do, but with who I am." Dewitt Jones



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