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Professionalism&Dental Team

Dental team



Dental Office

Dental Office In the dental office it is wise to conduct yourself accordingl. Do not hesitate to ask questions of your fellow employees. Always maitian a safe enviroment that clean, safe and comforable for the pateint. Making sure that you have all up to date magnizes for your reception area is key for patient entertaiment. A happy patient is a patient for life.

ProfessionalListening to patient,Activtely engaged with procedures, guving helpful advice to patients, a desirable mood for the workplace, make the patient feel at ease , no inappropriate gestures in the workplace, always remain sympathic to the patient , answer any and all question to the best of your abilities.

Dental TeamAlways divide the task evenly amongest your staff, do not hesitate to assist others, selfles service is the best service,communicationis key for a sucessful treatment, clean up behind yourself as well as assist others in their clean up. maitain set ground rules, and understnad the many cuktures expressed throughout your office




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