Processed Foods

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Processed Foods

What are processed foods?

It is the transformation of raw ingerdients chemically into foods of other form, most likely in a factory



1. As the nutrients are synthetic, it is hard for the body to absorb 2. All the preservatives ad flavour enhancers are harmful to our health3. Quality drops (HealthLine Guidance,2016)

1. Increases shelf life2. Provide us with a way to get certain vitamins and minerals3. It tastes better and makes us feel full longer (Healthline Guidance,2016)

Watch this video to learn more!!

Some processed foods to avoid1. Instant noodles2. Energy bars 3. Bacon4. Ketchup5. Fast food6. Flavored nuts or dried fruits (Healthline,2016)

A Bit On GMOs

A GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is a laboratory process of taking genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired trait or characteristic. They have been linked to allergies and digestive problems in humans. The problems is widespread in the usa and its citizens are the FDA to label the consumer products with GMO tags.(Kidsrightoknow,2014)

Processed Foods


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