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Pocess of Designing

A methodology for the process of design its shown here

The process of design variates depending on :-The type of project-The magnitude-Communication objective

The phases of design development are different in audiovisual and web ,however especialist had found some in common.

PreproductionTo formulate many objectives and define them ,its necessary to formule questions about the porpouse including the budget and the time for concluding the project.

In resume

In this phase conceptualization takes placeart .

Production In this phase the especification of the design and the working plan takes place.

In resume

Its the phase that takes /concludes in the creation and the construction.

We can use the collaborative tools

Post-productionThe final conformation of the process takes place ,this phase will affect if the product success with the client requirements.

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It will define if the product is bad or good quality .

PresentationThis phase receives as entrance the product finished and the publication plan that are used for the preparation of the environment or the media.This fase requires the formulation of speeches .

In resume

The project is presented as finished and shown.



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