Procedure of Court

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Procedure of Court

Civil Procedure: if the judgment is not paid, the court will order the loser’s property to be sold by the sheriff to satisfy the judgmentFines, incarceration and, in some cases, certain acts of restitution are the most common forms of punishment meted out to criminal offenders


Criminal vs. Civil Procedure



Civil procedure is process of bringing a case to court to enforce a rightThe resolution of a dispute by examination of evidence submitted by opposing litigants by a tribunal or Court of law, and determination of (1) guilt (in a criminal trial) or (2) of a civil dispute of fact or law.

How situation starts:

Civil procedure starts by names the court of jurisdiction, describes the nature of the action, and demands that the defendant answer the complaint within a specified period of timeCriminal starts with a prelimary hearing which the judge decides whether probable cause exists to continue holding the defendant for the crime.

Civil Procedure: The Plaintiff’s Case in Chief, The Defendant’s Case in Chief, The Rebuttal and the Surrebuttal,Closing Statements, Jury Instructions, Verdict and JudgmentCriminal Procedure: Arrest and initial appearancePreliminary hearingFormal chargesArraignmentTrial



Trial Procedure: