Problems in Kenya

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Problems in Kenya

Kenya. by Charity,Felicity, Hannah!

Problems with the country?There is a lack of water, lack of food, and there are many diseases. What is causing the illnesses in the water? What symptoms effect the populatuion?One is diarrhia because they use the bathroom in the water and other people drink it mostly kids five and under

This is how the smaller children get water

Only 60 % of people in Kenya have access to improved water. (in rural areas)

Water diseases/food diseases include: protozoal,hepatitis A and typhoid fever.Water contact diseases: schistosomiasis

Those diseases do not go good with the ones they already have around.

Diseases around including: malaria and tuberculosis

Kenya national flag

In the photo there are cows in the water and that would definitly cause diseases.

In this photo the is a child digging for clean water


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