Problems at the workplace

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Problems at the workplace

1. "in my company, junior employees often work more than 60 hours a week. If the boss is in the office, we feel we hav to stay until he leaves. Very, often, we are not paid for working overtime, we wok for free. And for many of us, the summer holiday is only a one-week vaction. We work a lot of overtime, but we aren't more productive. We just have more health problems"

Job insecurity

Wasting energy




"The biggest problems at workplace..."

1) Prereading: Think about the biggest problems in your work or in your university and how you deal with them. 2) Watch the video and learn how to deal with stress doing some effective exercises. 3) Read the answers given by four people to the question: "What is the biggest problem at your workplace?"4) Watch the video and follow the model to summarize the main ideas of ONE answer given by the workers.5) Be creative, design your own video and upload it in Youtube. You can use different online tools such as : Powtoon, Photostory or Videoscribe among others.

Problems are a fact of life!So, problem solving is an essential life skill, both at home and in the office.

2. "Our company changes all the time, and every month some employees lose their job. We are very worried about losing our jobs. It's very stressful. We love our company, but sometimes we lose our motivation, We don't come to work on time, or we leave early. We are not happy at work, and not very happy at home. It's a difficult situation for our families too.

3. "There is so much waste in our company! The air conditioning is on, and people open the windows.The cafeteria is empty, but all the lights are on.People photocopy everything, and the wastepaper baskets are full of copies nobody wants. It's a waste of money for the company, and it;s bad for the environment. We all need to try and do our bit to protect our environment."

Adapted from Market `leader Elementary, new edition. Pearson Longman. by Melissa Gomez and Stella RIncon Velandia (2014)


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