Privileges of being male

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Privileges of being male

As of 2013 women are being paid 78 cents per dollar that men are making. Just for being a male I will be awarded with a higher pay for doing the same work.

Privileges of being male

As a male I am favored to be promoted compared to my female counterparts.Up to this point in my life I have received five promotions within two jobs. I cannot say forsure but I may have already been privileged over a female co-worker for one of my promotions. Also as a male I will be given unearned increased respect when compared to females .

I don't have to worry about giving up my last name, also having my name continue its legacy.There are no parental sacrifices such as working or going out with friends due to women taking off the time to take care of the children.Not expected to do the dirty parental duties such as changing diapers.Society has placed value on women taking care of household duties more then men.As I adventure into my marriage these are all privileges given to men. When I consistently help or give up time I am viewed as a dedicated husband/father rather than just being that role.

A personal experience that revolves my privilege of being a male involves my field placement. In a field dominated by females I was offered three positions within two days. Two of those agencies told me they were excited to see a male. The position I accepted came down to me and another female and I was given the position because they said they wanted to have a male intern in the office.

Privilege as dominate

Field Placement

Pay Difference

Workplace Respect

Morning Routine


Males are viewed as authority.My gender is seen positively through the media.Males are able to get away with more than females in terms of appearance and manners.

As a male I receive the privilege of having a short morning routine. Men don't have a standard of beauty to live up to. I can wake up at the last moment and get out of bed.


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