Private vs Public Education

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Private vs Public Education

Is there a difference between private highschool education and public highschool education?

The purpose of this paper was to examine the academic differences in students (male and female) who had attended public highschools and those that had attended private/religious highschools when they graduated and attended college at Ball State.What they found was that private/religious school kids had a slightly better ACT/SAT score than public school kids. But this difference almost completely goes away by the junior and senior years of college. The GPA differs by less than .1 points in those years, that's less than the difference between a 3.0 and a 3.1! So basically they found that in the end run academically speaking there isn't much difference in the type of highschool one goes to.

Summaryof research

Voucher system - a government-funded voucher redeemable for tuition fees at a school other than the public school that a student could attend free. Basically this would allow parents of school-aged kids to send their children to the schools they find the most suitable, even if they couldn't afford the tuition rates of private or religious schools in their area.

As they were considering the efficacy of a voucher system in this study this is what it would imply:1. A voucher system would be most useful for those who want to send their kids to a religious/private school as their GPA/ACT/SAT scores were on average higher than public schools.2. Though after two or three years of college, the difference inbetween the scores of private/religious school kids and public school kids disappears a voucher system may not be as big of a deal.3. Policy makers might consider educational policies aimed at changing public and private high school environments to more closely reflect the religious school experience. As students from those schools seem to do better starting off college.

I think that this paper makes a lot of sense when it comes to the academic nature of students coming out of both types of highschools. There are exceptional students that come from public schools as well as not so great ones that come from private schools, and vice versa. And it also makes sense that as students go through college their dedication to their studies would change based on circumstances resulting in the change of GPAs by the end of their career.Obviously it would be good to do studies in other states and at other universities over multiple years to make sure that the results hold true. No matter how good of a sample pool Muncie and Ball State provide, there are differences inbetween states and universities and age groups that should be considered.

My Critique

Adam Tucker

EDU 223

Implicationsof study

Muncie, Indiana was chosen as an example town as researchers think it is a pretty good example of a mid-sized community in America.

Likewise, Ball State is considered a good sample university as they don't just accept anyone willing to pay tuition nor are they an elite, high-powered reearch university.

Personally, I believe there are other reasons that private school education, specifically religious private schools, benefit people in the long run. And those should be considered as well as academics in deciding as parents which schoools to send one's kids to.

Horowitz, J.B.; Spector, L.. (2005). Is there a difference between private and public education on college performance? Economcis of Education Review, Volume 24(2), pg 189-195. doi: 10.1016


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