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Private Schools

1. The general budget of a private school consists of administration, teachers, transportation, facilities,utilities, curriculum and staff development,food services, counseling services, health and safety, and library sources (Ellerson) . Each school has the ability to determine what will be within their budget, but the basic needs are listed above.2. Most agree that having a Board for governance is critical to a successful school. The Board is responsible for keeping the school financially accountable, choosing the Principal, policy development, tuiton costs and salary (State Regulation of Private Schools).3. The Arizona government does not use any public money to support private schools in any way (State Regulation of Private Schools).

Topics 4 & 5

1.Private School Budgets2. Governance3. AZ Government Support4. Population5. Current Trends

4. The average private school enrolls about 277 students a year with an average student to teacher ratio of 14 to 1 (Policy Report 2005). This is much smaller than the average public school.5. The current trends within a private school curriculum is the goal of being ready for entering the college level. Another trend among private schools is religious affiliation, 46% of private schools are considered Christian/non-Catholic (Policy Report 2005).

Interesting Fact

Arizona provides vouchers for students with special needs to attend a private schools (State Regulation of Private Schools).


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Private Schools

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Bill To Help Parents Send Kids to Private School


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