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Prisoner B-3087-psmith

My book!

Yanek had to fight for his life and survive the war. He had to be strong hope the Americans would come and save them.

This is when the American Army came and saved the Jews at Munich. They were all happy and excited for their new lives they were going to begin.

This is when Yanek lost Fred and Uncle Moshe in the same day. He lost two very important people in his life. Yanek didn't know if he could survive the war. He was crying and was very sad.

This is when Yanek's community was taken over with other Jewish families. He had five Jewish families living in his house total.

Yanek/Jack Gruener-Main Character -Innocent Jewish boy-Nice and smart-Lived about six years of his life in concentration camps -Had to fight for his life.

Fred-Supporting character-Innocent Jewish boy-Nice and smart-Had to fight for his life. -Uncle Moshe and Fred were killled before the end of the book.

Concentration camp

Uncle Moshe-Supporting character-Innocent Jewish man-Nice, smart, kind, and a hard worker. Had to fight for his life.




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