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Prisoner 105

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He knoows how to use multipul weapons like guns or anything that he assults people with.He can think of an amazing strategy in a small amount of time just for any problem.He knows how to trick or brainwash people like Natalie when Moose wasn't looking.

Prisoner 105

" Take it easy, fella. I got your base ball, didn't I?""You want this?"Author's quote:''You get to Alcatraz by begin the worst of the worst. Unless you're me. I came here because my mother said I had to.''

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One of his weaknesses is cops always following his lead.Another weakness Onion has is little kids ruining his scheme of kidnapping little girls just like when Moose took Nat away from Onion so she wouldn't get hurt.


He loves to trick women into begin his friend just like he did to natalie.He loves to murder or hurt any enemies in his sight. He likes to trick other people that is trying to ruin his scheme which is like when he distracted Moose with the baseball in his jacket.


The conflict is that when Nat is in Onion's sight he would walk up to her.Moose always has to be next to Nat so Onion wouldn't be next to her.Onion has been talking to Nat when Moose isn't there, so Moose is worried if Onion has been telling Nat bad things. Nat has already told Onion information about Moose so he knows about Moose and what he does.

People always see Onion as a person that think his own ways.He always think's of his own ways of getting out of trouble.He is also a person you don't want to be with alone.Onion is a really dangerous criminal so now he is lock up in Alcatraz island in the prison.

From, Gennifer Choldenko


Age:40s or 50s or mabye even 60sNickname:OnionConnection to Alcatraz: He is a prisoner in alcatraz.


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    I'm not sure if its Onion from the book or actual prisoner 105