Principal's 200 Club

by mrshollingsworth
Last updated 5 years ago

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Principal's 200 Club

Example Board & Binders

Pirate 200 Club

Positive Expectations= Positive Climate

"Permanent" Board Painted on the Wall

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Creating TicketsSpaces for:1. Student's Name2. Issuing Teacher's Name3. Check boxes or blanks indicating the specific expectation being followed4. Date ticket was issued

Making the Board:1. Make it big enough to see the names2. Place it in a high traffic area3. Use materials & location that ensure ease of use

Always indicate the specific behavior that led to the student receiving the P200 Ticket

Materials Needed:1. A matrix with numbered squares numbering 1-2002. Tokens/Tickets numbered 1-2003. P200 Club tickets4. 3-Ring Binder (for Celebrity Book)


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